Rediscover your hair!

Rediscover Your Hair! Diplona PROFESSIONAL Hair Care – The powerful products in the Diplona PROFESSIONAL range appeal to trendy and care-conscious women and men who value performance and high quality at a reasonable price.

Chemical treatments like colorants, bleaches, as well as environmental influences, such as drying out due to the sun and wind, put strain on the hair. This is why it is important to have particularly intensive care products which provide the hair with important nutrients and moisture.

Too hot water during hair washing, strong shampoo massages, residues of non-rinsed hair care products or dry heating air lead to additional stress for the sensitive scalp. Therefore, the selection of the right care product for well-groomed and healthy looking hair is very important.

In the formulas of Diplona PROFESSIONAL only high-quality and coherent ingredients are used, which care for the hair in a special way. This professional hair care combines hairdressing competence and premium quality.