Diplona is a hair care brand belonging to Mann & Schröder GmbH and is based in Siegelsbach, close to Heilbronn. Mann & Schröder GmbH has been producing body care products for its own brands and private label brands for more than 60 years, and exports to almost 80 countries worldwide. The top-class Diplona hair care brand offers care conscious women and men premium quality at a competitive price!

It is Mann & Schröder’s vision to provide beauty care for everyone, because beauty knows no age limit or boundaries – only good care. For this reason, we produce cosmetic products for a healthy and well-groomed appearance that is suitable for all ages and levels of income. This includes being globally active and always on the lookout for new and innovative beauty recipes. Furthermore, our suppliers meet all our requirements by delivering non-toxic high quality products as well as acting responsibly towards the environment.

All products are made in Germany. Years of experience and the extensive knowledge of our employees, as well as the application of modern manufacturing techniques enable us to consistently provide products of high quality. Mann & Schröder is firmly established in the sales market and is represented in many countries around the globe, particularly in the Near and Middle East as well as Asia.