The powerful products in the Diplona Professional series have been developed for care-conscious women and men who value performance and high quality at a reasonable price. The high-quality ingredients care for the hair and make it soft and shiny, whilst also giving it elasticity and volume. The packaging design is timeless and a practical dispenser ensures easy and correct dosage.

Conditioners and hair masks belong in a good hair care routine and should be used regularly after every hair wash. Conditioners and hair masks contain active care ingredients which smooth, moisturise and protect the hair against new damage - they make combing considerably easier, too.

Dieter Brunnet is a multi-time national champion, German champion and European Cup winner who also reached fourth place in the World Championships in France. He manages a number of very successful hairdressing salons in the Stuttgart and Heilbronn area. With his expert assistance, shampoos, conditioners and hair masks have been developed for the Diplona Professional range.

The difference is in the frequency of use, as well as in the desired effect. Conditioner is ideal for use after every hair wash. A hair mask should at best be used once a week. In comparison to a conditioner, the hair mask is richer in active care ingredients and therefore better suited for an intensive treatment.

It is important to wash one’s hair regularly, primarily to get rid of styling and sweat residues, dust and other dirt from the hair and scalp. A second wash is not necessary if hair is washed regularly. The frequency of hair washing is, however, dependent upon the type of hair. With dry or oily hair, it is better to try and avoid washing it every day and to ensure that only mild shampoos are used.

Of the Diplona Professional shampoos, only Your Shine Professional shampoo contains the active ingredient “PEG-12 DIMETHICONE” which is one of the (limited) water-soluble silicone oils. Water-solubility is understood to mean that the silicone oil can be washed out again with surfactants.

Normally, about 10g (hazelnut-size amount) of shampoo is sufficient for one hair wash. 

Rub a small amount of shampoo on to damp palms and only then massage it gently into the wet hair so that a fine-bubble foam forms. Important: Lots of foam does not improve the cleansing intensity. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of the hair with lukewarm or cold water afterwards.

Shiny hair continues to signifiy good health and attractiveness. Silicone oils, which are mostly found in hair care products, settle like a film on the hair and smooth the hair’s surface. This, in turn, leads to light being optimally reflected and the hair appears to be shiny and soft again. Furthermore, silicones make hair easier to comb; however, they are only creating a temporary illusion, the hair is not repaired, it just appears cared for.

Silicone oils differ in their water-solubility; there are limited water-soluble and water-insoluble silicones. With every hair wash, water-insoluble silicones build up a new layer of silicone on the hair which, over time, makes the hair look greasy and dull. This is why Diplona Professional has mainly restricted its use of silicone elements to conditioners and hair masks. The silicone used in these can be removed from the hair with our Diplona PROFESSIONAL shampoos.


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