You want to have feel good hair?

10 Treatment-Tips of Master Brunnet

Use hair care products that are best suited to your hair type.

Have the ends trimmed regularly.

Comb your hair before washing as this helps to easily remove any superfluous styling residues.

To wash the hair, rub a small amount of shampoo onto damp palms and then massage it gently into the wet hair so that a fine-bubble foam forms. For a brilliant shine, thoroughly rinse out the shampoo with lukewarm or cold water.

After every hair wash, use a conditioner and, at regular intervals, also a hair mask as these will make your hair soft and shiny and a lot easier to comb. With fine hair, avoid using too many hair care products. A conditioner or hair mask should only be applied to the lengths and tips. In this case, it is important that you rinse at least three times longer than you shampoo.

In order to not excessively stress your hair, dry it by gently pressing it with a towel. Hair should never be rubbed dry.

Before blow-drying, I recommend you allow the towel-dried hair to pre-dry in the air first. Never dry your hair with hot air and use the lowest possible temperature setting on your blow-dryer.

For more volume and texture, apply the hair wax to wet hair and then blow-dry.

For natural volume, blow-dry your hair upside-down.

To achieve a volume-up effect, spray the hairspray directly onto the roots.

In the summer

Wet hair is extremely sensitive. The sun’s rays and heat can damage the hair structure in particular. Avoid excessive sunbathing and cover your hair with a hat or scarf.

Chlorine and saltwater can make hair brittle. Thoroughly rinse your hair in fresh water after swimming. It is particularly important to use conditioner or a mask on these occasions.