Diplona PROFESSIONAL Hair Salon

Makes All Types of Hair Happy

For many women shiny, healthy-looking hair stands for femininity and attractiveness. But the reality for many women is dry, damaged or limp hair. This is why almost two-thirds of all women are constantly on the lookout for the perfect product that provides deep down hair care – not just on the surface. The brand new Hair Salon line from Diplona PROFESSIONAL offers top quality, targeted solutions for impressive results. When the new Hair Salon line from Diplona PROFESSIONAL was in development, the care needs of three hair types were taken into consideration:

1. Prevention and treatment of damage in very dry, stressed hair.

2. Support of hair growth for fine, limp and thinning hair.

3. Color support and sun protection for dyed hair.

The secret of the new line is the exact concentration of the active ingredients, whose effectiveness has been proven in scientific studies.* Premium ingredients such as Redensyl®, hyaluronic acid, Quinoa Pro NPNF™ und AQUAXYL™ transform your hair, making it gorgeously sleek, smooth and healthy looking. The Hair Salon line is vegan and does not contain silicone or parabens. *The effectiveness of the raw materials has been proven in studies by renowned raw materials suppliers.