Color + Shine with Quinoa

Natural color protection for dyed and sun-damaged hair

Hair coloration lets your hair shine in the most beautiful colors and nuances. However, frequent dyeing, long hours in the sun and chlorine or salt water residue can quickly make hair dry, dull and brittle. Dyed hair requires deep down care in order to shine and keep its appealing look longer. Color+Shine, the premium hair care product, is perfectly tailored to the needs of dyed and sun-damaged hair. The rich hair-care formula with Quinoa Pro NPNF™ and UV filters provides active color protection and gives damaged hair sensational brilliance.

A superfood as innovative active ingredient for excellent performance: Quinoa is one of the healthiest seeds in the world and considered a “superfood” due to its high nutritional content. This plant is now also successfully used in cosmetics. Its natural protein forms a protective film on the hair that minimizes color fading due to washing. Color retention is maximized and the hair is protected from external influences. Quinoa also gives hair a radiant shine and makes it much easier to comb.