The effects of the individual substances in the formulations are convincing

preserves moisture and has a “repair effect” on the hair.

is a waxy, solid fat which makes the hair shiny, soft and sleek.

also known as niacin, is an important skin vitamin; a lack of this can lead to skin changes or lesions.

neutralises free radicals which destroy the colour pigments in hair.

Wheat protein hydrolysate has a conditioning effect on the hair; it smooths and has a “repair effect”.

Silk protein hydrolysate has a conditioning effect on the hair; it makes the hair silky, smooth and has a “repair effect”.

is a liquid wax which is absorbed well into the hair and has a smoothing effect.

protects the hair and the colour pigments; it is effective against damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light.

kills yeast and skin fungi and bacteria or hinders their growth during its effective period. 

has an anti-dandruff effect and hinders the growth of micro-organisms.

reduces bacteria. 

soothes and improves the moisture retention capability.

gives the hair more energy, makes it softer and easier to comb.

soothes and refreshes the scalp and gives the feeling of a fresh breeze.

nourishes the hair with essential Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Argan oil is regarded as the world's most exclusive oil because of its costly extraction procedures.

ensures the mechanical resistance of the stratum corneum.

is recommended for normal to dry hair. It gives the hair a smooth and shiny appearance.